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Total relaxation Dvd programs:

In this short Dvd program we visit the delightful little church
"Christchurch" in Little Drayton Shropshire.

We explore inside and out the delicate architecture of this small rural church.
And look at one of only six church organs built.

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This program also from the series "Little Churches"

We visit St Marys, dating back from the Saxon period.

Running for just under 10 mins it has to be one of the most inspiring in the county.

Mixed with a soft but sometimes disturbing soundtrack.

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Relax whilst we browse through the woodland of Shropshire.

Featuring many varied shots of, the tree's, stream, and Bluebells in this picturesque program.

The music on this short film is Adagio for Strings.

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Mountain Stream.

This beautiful relaxing video of a mountain stream with it's water sometimes gentle sometimes fierce running through the countryside all mixed with a soft audio score.

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