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Check all names are spelt correctly, check times and dates.
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  • Additional Videography required for the wedding day

  • 10 Photographs of Bride. 10 Photographs of Groom and 5 of of couple. Fee: £45.00
    Images by Courier/Post/Electronic mail. Return P&P will be charged for return courier service. 

  • Please enter 3 choices of music:

  • Video Montage filmed in a location of your choice (weather permitting)
    Fee: £45.00 Location to be within a 5 mile radious of event. Over 5 miles possibility of additional fee.

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Your Wedding Day Church and Civil Ceremony (option 1 £365.00) PLUS any additions,
Registry Office (option 1 £240.00) PLUS any additions.
Filming will commence with Arrivals of Groom and his Best man, Guests etc.
Arrival of the Bridesmaids and the Bride. The wedding ceremony, Signing of the registry (where permitted) Not all venues allow this recording to take place.
the Bride & Groom walking down the aisle and exits, if church/civil venue. Registry office will be Bride & Groom leaving the place of marriage.
Photo shoot outside venue (weather permitting). Bride & Groom departing venue.
Your Wedding Day Church and Civil Ceremony (option 2 £555.00) PLUS any additions,
Registry Office (option 1 £425.00) PLUS any additions.
All of Option 1 +
Bride & Groom arrival at Reception venue. Bride & Grooms receiving line, Filming will not take place during the wedding breakfast.
The speeches of the Best man - Groom - Brides father - Bride.
The cutting of the wedding cake. The first dance providing this is carried out within 1 hour of end of speeches. Or private dance for the purpose of filming only.
Your Wedding Day Church and Civil Ceremony (option 3 £675.00) PLUS any additions,
Registry Office (option 1 £545.00) PLUS any additions.
Option 1 + 2 +
The first dance of the Bride & Groom, Specialist filming of the guests at the wedding party. Guests speechs - Bride - Groom - Best man - Chief bridsmaid
Parents and grand parents. Party highlights inclusive of 2 hours filming.

Your Wedding Day Payment Plan.

*** The Gingerbreadmedia Video crew (max 2 persons) will spend in most cases several hours working alongside the wedding party,
we politely ask if it would be your intension to provide refreshments on the day.
May we take this opportunity to apologise for this lengthy questionair, But it is necessary to avoid any errors in the final edit of your wedding day Dvd.
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